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Saigon Outcast Surf is a popular beach destination with a cool vibe, serving Eastern and Western cuisine, unique cocktails, and local craft beers. Check out their indoor skate bowl and stunning Sky deck with ocean views while sipping a refreshing mojito.

Our surf destination in Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the finest. Our surfing season runs from September to March, and we offer surfboard rentals or lessons with our expert coaches. Additionally, we have a surf shop with beachwear and art and craft souvenirs available for purchase.



Hon Chong Beach - All levels


You'll find a left and right-hand wave, with the left being more famous and consistent. Hon Chong works best on big days as it can't hold a big swell. Hon Chong Right is a short, fun wave with a fast takeoff. You may expect some strong currents when the swell is big and the tide is high. Hon Chong Left is more mellow than the right and tends to be a favourite spot for many local surfers. 

Water temperature: 26 - 30°C


On weekends, the DJ lineup takes over the booth from 4 pm until late. The music varies from lounge house to energetic Hip Hop tunes. It's usual for international DJs and celebrities to perform, and the headliners grace the Sky deck stage with a mesmerizing ocean view in the backdrop.



We have curated an exquisite selection of our preferred brands locally, nearby, and globally. Discover exclusive and innovative fashion with superior craftsmanship.

We also provide complete equipment rental for surfing lessons or if you prefer to surf alone. Our collection of boards caters to different styles and sizes, ranging from beginner to expert levels. Our proficient guides will assist you in selecting the appropriate gear based on your skill level and the prevailing weather conditions.



The skate bowl inside the cafe, which is surf skate-friendly, is great fun for all skill levels.

Hon Chong: The New Thao Dien


  • It's important to avoid competing with the locals in Nha Trang. Instead, focus on providing something new and valuable to the community.

  • We are passionate about promoting eco-friendly products and sustainability.

  • Sports, art, and music can unite people despite their differences. What do you think?

What Hon Chong is missing:

  • Trendy food options

  • Craft beers & great cocktails

  • Skate bowl

  • Nightlife & entertainment

  • Surf lessons, board rental, surfing equipment and beachwear accessories

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