Project Success / Fundraiser event – saigon outcast


Come out for an exciting evening of live music, raffle prizes, crate stacking, live auction, and second-hand shopping.

The Green Bamboo Boy’s Shelter is a place for disadvantaged and at-risk male youth. Most have been separated from their families due to parental imprisonment, abandonment, abuse, or are runaways. The shelter gives these boys a safe place to live and the opportunity to learn and transform their lives. However, the shelter only houses and supports boys up to their seventeenth year.

Project Success aims to prepare these boys for their future and guide them towards success. 100% of the funds will be transformed into scholarships for those who choose to continue their education or go through vocational training. In turn, these boys must do a certain amount of community service hours, (which are dependent on their scholarship details) in order to also give back to the community themselves.

Live Music: Saigon Bands, tba.

Crate Stacking Competition: Stack to raise money for education!

Raffle Prizes: Vouchers from your favorite restaurants to gym memberships.

Live Auction: Art, Photography, Massage, and more!

Bring and Buy Sale: Bring your second-hand clothing and items for others to buy! (any left over goods will be donated to another charity)

Suggested donation:

If you would like to help, donate to the auction, or have any other questions and concerns please contact Mylinh at: or 01265833670.

For more information on who these scholarships are going to, please visit the crowdfunding website at:

11 June

Time: 6 – 10pm

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