Life Drawing Capturing form


Saigon Outcast’s life drawing community ‘Capturing Form’ has been running for over two years. It is a creative Tuesday night life drawing class.

The classes are open to all levels and are undirected, however on-the-spot tuition is available by myself, Lilly, to individuals who feel they need extra support. I promote sharing of ideas and experiences – I believe one learns better this way.

Drawers usually arrive grab a beer or a bite before taking to their seats. There is no strict structure to the session. The sessions normally go from short poses to long poses. Occasionally I set a challenge, this is not compulsory, but it allows for some teaching to take place; change and challenge is always a good thing because it makes learning exciting and keeps students on their toes ☺ The ambience is relaxed, friendly and comes with a strong sense of community spirit; everyone’s efforts are acknowledged and celebrated, including the models! There is no physical preference for models (if you are interested in modelling, please message me directly).

What makes our classes unique:
– I put on a different theme each week; popular ones have been Geisha, Wet drape and Egon Schiele.
– I encourage development of individual style over technical ability. This approach removes the misconception and stigma that to draw-one has to be a master artist.
– I believe there is a medium and technique for everyone, so I make available a wide range of tools for students to experiment with.
– The results at Capturing Form are diverse, which make it interesting and exciting for everyone to see.
– We are the first and only organisation to celebrate the life drawing community’s artwork with an exhibition that takes place every year. Please feel free to browse the group page for the event photos.

24 April

Time: 7pm

Entry: 250 (all materials and model hire included)

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