Free Skate Workshop


To celebrate the opening of the newly refurbished and redesigned mini ramp at Saigon Outcast, we’re hosting a free skate workshop on Sunday 14th January at 4pm.

Expect a super chilled vibe with all ages and abilities welcome 🤘👊🙌

There will be a demo from some of our skate team members to get you inspired and we’ll be running free beginner lessons throughout the event 😋

We hope to bring you more events, lessons, workshops and skate comps in the future so come hang out with us, have a chat about what we’re doing and get yourself on a board!

Everyone is welcome so if you’ve never skated before, if you used to skate but haven’t stepped on a board for a few years, or if you can already shred with the best of them then we’ll see you there! 🤙🤙🤙

14 January

Time: 4pm

Entry: FREE

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