Saturday DJ Set // Cray Schizoid


Twilight fell when the sky turn to a dusky purple and the most precious gold to be found on earth.

Skip church this Sunday and join the communal worship at Rogue’s temple rooftop, absorbing warm evening-sun kisses, cold craft beers and heart filled with funky music ♥

DJ: Cray Schizoid
With a decade as the chief psy-physician of Radio Schizoid, she has unearthed and developed a vast audience in the underground radio electronic circuit. Currently based in Vietnam, you’ll find Cray organizing radio shows and running those sly psy-beats. Her performance history emerges out of 10 years of firing up a wide range of styles from progressive psy-trance to chill-out and ambient.

May the force be with you.

27 January

Time: 9 – 12pm

Entry: Free

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