Music Trivia Blind Test // Theo and Morea


If you’re a fan of our Music Trivia Blind Tests, then never fear!
Last chance to win beer tower together with your friends, before a long Tet holiday break that most of people will be away.

We’ve got plenty more fun and games coming your way to a Thursday night at Rogue Saigon.
This event is for Saigon’s music lovers – if you know your beats inside out, then head over to our rooftop hideout and prove your mettle at the latest round of music trivia with our awesome host, Theo and Morea.

We’ve got tasty food and drink, great people, good vibes and plenty of prizes! So sit yourself down under the D1 stars, grab yourself a glass of your favourite crafty brew and prepare for a night of friendly competition.

Free entry!!!

8 February

Time: 8 – 11pm

Entry: Free

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