Mead Tasting by Alchemistress Mead


We happily present for the first time: Mead Tasting Event by Alchemistress Mead.
Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops.

“Let us titillate your tastebuds with the guilty pleasure of the ancient Greeks, the grog of the Vikings, that golden elixir sipped from chalices in the middle ages. Pass your lips upon this ancient beverage and let the subtle nectar of the sweet spring blossoms linger on your tongue.

Alchemistress Mead originated on Vancouver Island, Canada and has come into fruition in sunny Saigon. We select the best local honeys and brew them naturally with aromatics, spices and flowers, with no flavoring agents. Our original brews are dry but we also have some sweet meads for the true honey-loving types. The auspicious result is a crisp golden mead best enjoyed chilled in a wine glass, earthenware mug or buffalo horn.”

5 meads for the tasting:
– Original Brew
– Sweet Ginger Dreamer
– Jungle Spice Mead
– Sweet Original Brew
– Sweet Jungle Spice
Serving with 5 selected snacks.

Ticket: 350k/ per person

Limited spots available.
Please pay in advance to reserve your slot. We will prepare the food accordingly.

Rogue Saigon, Top floor
13 Pasteur Street, D.1

3 February

Time: 7 – 10pm

Ticket: VND350,000

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