Liar Dug Coming to Rogue


Living in Saigon, formed in 2017, Liar Dug tends to do covers with a bit of change. They love music, hate war, like all the colors and beer…

A bit chill, a bit funk, some rock or reggae… is what they wanna do. Big treasure of music may come from the old school era and that kind of good stuff is all they play.

Green-the-drummer comes from Philipine is a cool guy behide the drum set. He can play from noon to midnite as long as you give him good stuff to play along

Dương-the-sunshine is a guitarist/vocalist doing his job well… Come and see his 80s grunge style and you know you will like him

Liêm-the-voodoo is another guitarist in the band with unique dreamlike sound set will sure make you feel all problem solved!

Rat-the-vertical-bass is also another vocalist in the band. He likes rock, he likes funk and he likes jumping…

29 December

Time: 9 – 11pm

Entry: Free

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