Meta Forrestter // TD Farmers Market Show


Meta Forrester is Scott Hsu, an American alternative rock/pop/folk one-man-band. Formed in 2015 and inspired by 90s alternative rock, bass guitar virtuosos, 60s concept albums, and eclectic one-man bands, Meta Forrester sings while playing his acoustic bass guitar, suitcase kick drum, and kick snare all in real-time, no loops.

Meta Forrester’s debut album SON OF SAM (2015) is a concept album about the biblical tale/myth of Samson, and his most recent album UP NOT NORTH (2017) is a concept album about the 19th-century novella Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. His third album, a 5 song EP, is due in late 2018.

Meta Forrester is currently based in Vietnam and is active as a performer in the growing music scene in Saigon.

Thao Dien Farmers Market
Sunday 18 March 2018
12 PM – 8 PM
Music starts from 3 PM – 6 PM.

18 March

Time: 3 – 6pm

Entry: See Farmers Market

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