Climbing & Skating




We’re lucky at Outcast, we attract like minded people. Those who want to bring something amazing to the population of Saigon in the form of awesome, out there products and concepts.

That’s why weve teamed up with Push Clmbing to offer Ho Chi Minh Cities highest climbing wall.

If you are an active, outdoorsy type who loves to monkey climb anything a bit mental, then the wall will challenge you. Even our experienced climbers are conquered by the routes that are set!

Maybe you have never tried climbing before and just want to get started on the hobbie you never had. With Push Climbing’s top instructors guiding the way, you’ll get to the top and progressing the routes in no time.

Details of packages can be found here. All you need to bring is yourself and determination.


12837562_10153843825988141_1426982086_oWe attract loads of chilled skaters here at Outcast. They all want to try out Saigon Outcasts custom built, concrete half pipe.

You can come and hang out, whilst swapping stories with your skater amigos.

We don’t have many boards here at Outcast – the ones we have are a bit worn out, so bring your own for the best experience.

If you’re a bit of a beginner, there is always someone hanging around, who will give you some friendly advice.